Never before, and certainly not in the perspective of at least the last 15 years, has not taken place such a spectacular socio-IT change as the one caused by the SARS-CoV-19 pandemic. It was not difficult to notice that our society, formally called “informational”, was strongly attached to very classical forms of communication. From the young-old generation to the turn of the 1980s / 1990s, meetings were “organized” on site or at the customer’s premises ;-). Meanwhile, in a pandemic, in less than 2 weeks, millions of people #StayedInHouse – discovered chat rooms, video conferences, cloud work and desktop sharing.

According to the latest devire report, as many as 65% of companies operating in Poland switched to remote work after the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. At the same time more than half of these companies encountered technological barriers. Industries that have best managed the technological revolution are real estate, IT industry, logistics services but also the telemarketing industry.

Currently, we are able to solve 95% of encountered problems remotely, saving time, fuel and other resources needed during travel while enabling our clients to reach the solutions they need immediately

John Simple / Simple Solutions

RealVNC Connect has been one of the unique solutions that has been evolving on the market for over 15 years. The company founded by former AT&T employees has developed an extraordinary product that combines services such as a virtual desktop and work in the cloud but also above-average security and convenience of use in every situation.

Understanding the seriousness of the situation and supporting our customers from the beginning of April we will offer a unique solution
with a 10% discount * and for larger orders,
over 25 workstations with a 15% discount.

Subskrypcje licencji Professional na okres 1 roku
VNC Connect Professional na 1 stanowisko36.00
VNC Connect Professional na 2 stanowiska72.00
VNC Connect Professional na 3 stanowiska106.00
VNC Connect Professional na 5 komputerów177.00
VNC Connect Professional na 10 komputerów354.00
VNC Connect Professional na 15 stanowisk442.00
VNC Connect Professional na 25 stanowisk531.00
VNC Connect Professional na 50 stanowisk707.00
VNC Connect Professional na 75 stanowisk795.00
VNC Connect Professional na 100 stanowisk884.00
* powyżej 10 stanowisk
Subskrypcje licencji Enterprise na okres 1 roku
VNC Connect Enterprise na 1 stanowisko49.00
VNC Connect Enterprise na 2 stanowiska98.00
VNC Connect Enterprise na 3 stanowiska146.00
VNC Connect Enterprise na 5 stanowisk244.00
VNC Connect Enterprise na 10 stanowisk487.00
VNC Connect Enterprise na 15 stanowisk597.00
VNC Connect Enterprise na 25 stanowisk708.00
VNC Connect Enterprise na 50 stanowisk929.00
VNC Connect Enterprise na 75 stanowisk1128.00
VNC Connect Enterprise na 100 stanowisk1150.00
* powyżej 10 stanowisk